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Fashion / Editorial / Commercial / Corporate




We are a team of highly skilled and talented hair and makeup artists that pride ourselves on delivering exceptional work, being reliable, and professional. We have experience working on set with photographers, film crews, stylists and designers.



  • Full Day Rate (8hrs) $900

  • Half Day (4hrs) $500

  • Quarter Day (2hrs) $250

  • Hourly $125

  • Overtime $150/hr


A Full Day Rate will be charged if the artist is booked on call for 8 hours or more. A Full Day Rate consists of 8 consecutive hours, with an hour lunch break.

Full Day rate must be specified at the time of booking and must be paid, even if the artist is not used for the full 8 hours day of.

Once booked, Full Day, Half Day or Quarter Day, once over allotted booking time, overtime will be charged, rounding up per hour.

If less than 24 hours notice is given for a cancellation of booking, full balance must still be paid in full. If 48-25 hours notice is given for a cancellation of booking, half the balance must be paid.

Traveling fees subject to be discussed.


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