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Prior to Booking

What does "Admin Hours" mean?

During our "Admin Hours", we are working on responding to emails, inquires, finalizing contracts, communicating with our booked clients, etc. During these hours is when you can expect our response. Outside of our "Admin Hours", we cannot guarantee a response unless you are a booked clients for the upcoming weekend. These can also be considered our "Business Hours/Days".


Do you provide previews for hair and makeup for brides prior to contracting them?

In Washington, due to us having a full team, we only provide previews for brides who have contracted us for their wedding date.

In Arizona, we provide previews for prospect brides prior to contracting.

Can you accommodate a large group or bridal party?

Yes, we specialize in accommodating large groups. We have worked with up to 15 ladies for both hair and makeup on a wedding and can accommodate any group size with enough notice/availability.

Once contracted, am I able to take away services if someone drops out prior to my wedding?

We do not allow removing services from a contract once signed so we recommend gathering final numbers for the girls who 100% want services provided prior to filling out the inquiry form. Once a contract is signed and your wedding date is officially booked, we block out our Artists schedule to be locked in for your wedding. When numbers are changed, it can effect the minimum and remove a job away from an Artist. If someone drops out, we recommend finding someone else who would love to have a service done for your wedding. The Client will be required to pay that part of the final balance whether it has been assigned to someone new or not.

Once contracted, am I able to add services prior to my wedding?

Once you are contracted, you absolutely can request to add more services! ​A request must be put in via email at least 7 days prior to your date, and as long as we have the artist or timing to accommodate them, we will send over an addendum to add to your original contract. Newly added services will be charged based on current rates posted on our website.

Services Explained

What is the difference between a "CHILL BRIDE" and a "GLAM BRIDE"? Can I mix and match services such as "Chill Bride" makeup and "Glam Bride" hair?

In 2024, we implemented the "Chill Bride" service for the ladies who don't want the full experience of glamorous, bridal makeup and hair but also want to feel put together for their special day. This client wants a service that is very minimal that will create a filter finish to their skin and smooth out their hair. The "Glam Bride" is your standard bride who wants the full makeup look from eyeshadow, contouring, lashes to bridal hair of a updo, glamour waves etc. 

When inquiring and contracting, each bride will fall under one category but not both. So definitely take time to think about who you are, how you would like to show up to your wedding day and your inspiration photos that you are looking to recreate. 

What is a "Bridal Session"?

The "Bridal Session" service is for our contracted brides who would like to have their Lead Artist style their hair and provide makeup for any pre-wedding related events. Pre-wedding events can be engagement photos, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or even your bachelorette night. We can either come on location, with the applicable mileage fee, or they may come into Rosé Beauty Bar if in Washington. 

Why is the Elopement rate for Glam Bride higher than regular wedding day rates?

The elopement rate is for Glam Bride hair and makeup for their wedding day- the bride is the only one getting services outside of Issaquah, WA or San Tan Valley, AZ city limits. Onsite Beauty Artistry is a team of artists so we prioritize taking on wedding bookings that have the need for multiple artists. Due to this, we have a special rate to book one of our artists for your date because generally, we have a wedding day service minimum of $1,050 for groups. We also schedule the bridal hair and makeup service for a total of 3 hours instead of 2 hours so we have plenty of time to create the look, do any touch ups and have the most relaxing experience. 

Ready to Book

Love your work! How soon should I book you for my wedding?

You should book as soon as you can, some dates book a year in advance. We do try our best to accommodate last minute bookings so its always worth emailing us to check. 

How is the service minimums broken down so I know how many artists I will have? Does my preview rate go towards the minimum?

For weddings, wedding day service minimums are calculated by the services that will be provided the day of your wedding. Preview rates are not included in that total.


1 Artist: Glam Bride H&MU $450 + 4 H/&MU $600 = $1,050

2 Artists: Glam Bride H&MU $450 + 8 H/&MU $1,200 = $1,650 + $200 = $1,850

3 Artists: Glam Bride H&MU $450 + 12 H/&MU $1,800 = $2,250 + $300 = $2,550

What if I don't need enough services day of my wedding to meet the service minimum?

If you don't meet the service day of minimum based on the services needed for your wedding date, we would add the remaining difference as an additional fee to your final balance. If you later decide to add more services, the fee will be recalculated unless you add more than the fee, in which it would be waived.

EXAMPLE: Bride Wedding Day Hair $225 + 5 Dry Hair Styling $750 = $975 so a $75 additional fee will be applied during Peak Season (minimum $1,050)

What is the retainer due to book for weddings?

The non-refundable retainer is $200 for Bride, plus $50 per each additional service. This payment will be deducted from the final balance due that is to be paid 14 days prior to the wedding date.

How long does the hair and makeup services take?

For brides, we allot one-hour for their services on the timeline so if you have both hair and makeup, we will be with you for two-hours on the timeline. For bridesmaids, moms etc., we have them allotted for 45-minutes per service. Flowergirls, junior bridesmaids, mature women and the filter effect are allotted 30-minutes per service. 

What if I would like to have more than my allotted number of artists to help with timing?

If due to timing of your getting ready space, such as your venue, has limited hours, shorter timeline or just out of convenience of not waking up as early, we have the option of adding on an additional artist. To add on an additional artist, when not meeting specific minimums, there is a $300 fee that is applied to your final balance as well as the applicable mileage fee for the additional artist.

Is my preview hair and makeup rate added to The Final Wedding Invoice?

After your preview appointment is complete, the total for the service will be due. Rosé Beauty Bar can accept all major debit and credit cards and cash (Venmo, Cash App or checks are NOT accepted). All debit and credit card purchases in salon are subject to a 3% processing fee.

When is the final balance due?

The Final Wedding Invoice, (wedding day service total + travel fees + additional fee’s - retainer paid), will be due 14 days prior to the wedding date. An invoice will be sent to the contracted client two weeks prior to the wedding date. Services will not be provided until this balance has been paid.

Additional Information

What is your travel mileage fee?

We charge $1.15 per mile, round trip, from Rosé Beauty Bar (WA) or San Tan Valley Library (AZ) to the final getting ready location per artist contracted for your wedding date. If your final getting ready location exceeds 150 miles round trip, a lower rate of $0.75 mileage fee will be charged. For close distances, we have a $50 minimum fee per artist.

EXAMPLE w/1 Artist:

Getting ready location is 65 miles one way: 65 miles away x 2 x $1.15 = $149.50

Getting ready location is 95 miles one way: 95 miles away x 2 x $0.75 = $142.50

Are gratuities included in your rates?

Gratuities are not included in our rates and are not required. If you feel you had an amazing experience with your team, gratuities are greatly appreciated. (average gratuities ranges between 15%-30% per service.) You may tip your artist(s) either on the Final Wedding Invoice, or on the wedding day with cash or Venmo.
One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to leave us a review on Google of your experience with our team after your wedding date. We greatly appreciate each and every one of them. Additionally, we would love to be emailed your professional photos provided by your photographer to add to our portfolio.

Do you charge additional processing fees and taxes?

Wedding day rates available on our website have all processing fees and taxes built into the rate so you don't have to worry about additional fees for that. 


Do you work on holidays?

We do work holiday weekends but there will be an additional fee of $100 per Artist for these following holiday weekends but not limited to: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. This additional fee is a direct bonus to the artists on your wedding.

How can I guarantee that Brooke will be my lead artist in WA?

Brooke Galasso is not guaranteed to be the Lead Artist on your wedding date in Washington as she is now full-time in Arizona. You may put in an advanced request via email for Brooke to be your Lead Artist. If the request has been put in with enough notice, and approved by Brooke, a $400 additional fee will be added to the final balance. This does not apply to Arizona bookings.

How far is your team willing to travel? How does the travel fee work for far distances?

Our team is willing to travel however far is needed but with that in mind, the travel fees are higher. Weddings with a travel distance longer than 250 miles roundtrip from Rosé Beauty Bar (WA) or San Tan Valley Library (AZ) will be required to pay for a one room, one night accommodations that will be booked by Onsite Beauty Artistry. We will do our best to find the most affordable, acceptable accommodations. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is paid, we will book the stay to lock in lower rates. The travel fee and accommodation rate will be added to the final balance. If you are inquiring to have the team travel out of state, or a destination, a custom package will be created.

What about travel to Chelan, a San Juan Island, or a town within the Olympic Peninsula, WA? What are the travel fees?

We do travel to these locations for weddings. These locations for weddings have a flat $250 travel fee plus require a two-night, one room accommodations that will be booked by Onsite Beauty Artistry. We will do our best to find the most afforable, acceptable accommodations. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is paid, we will book the stay to lock in lower rates. The travel fee and accommodation rate will be added to the final balance.

Contracted Brides

How do I prepare for my preview?

We have outlined EVERYTHING you need to know about your preview located on our page "EVERYTHING PREVIEWS". Once you have read through everything and have any more questions, send us over an email and we can help answer anything!


When will I know who my Lead Artist is?

You will find out who your Lead Artist is once we reach out to book your preview appointment roughly 3 months prior to your wedding date. As we contract weddings for the season, Artists may be switched around due to scheduling but will be set by then.

Wedding Day Details

What brand of makeup products do you use?

We use the highest quality makeup products to ensure you have a long lasting look that photographs beautifully. We have chosen different products that we love from different lines. We have products from lines such as: MAC, It Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Tarte, Anastasia, Laura Mercier, Nars, etc.


Do you offer airbrush?

At this time, we exclusively use cream and liquid products that are formulated for longevity! Unfortunately because of back-orders with no date of availability and discontinuation of our favorite airbrush foundation brand, we no longer offer airbrush. (Fingers crossed that changes!)

How do I prep for my hair and makeup service?

We have outlined EVERYTHING you need to know about how to prep your hair and skin for your services, located on our page "WEDDING DAY". Once you have read through everything and have any more questions, send us over an email and we can help answer anything!

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